Flexible California Residential Mortgage Loans for Quick Property Acquisition

Whether you need funds to complete construction on a residential property, or are simply looking to purchase a new home before selling your existing one, Bracknell Capital provides a practical alternative to borrowing from a bank in California. Our residential mortgage loans can be used as a bridge loan to quickly close on a property or acquire the funding you need to complete a project.

As many are aware of, the entire process of applying and waiting for approval from traditional lenders in California can require months to complete. Aside from the various assessments done on your credit history, personal background, and assets, there will also be risk thresholds set by loan committee executives to be met. This results in an inflexible plan that won't allow some to close on a new property as quickly as they would wish to.

To address the need for bridge loans and other financial solutions to allow buyers to meet time-sensitive goals, Bracknell Capital positions itself as a California mortgage lender that provides financing that is fast and flexible. Our clients have utilzed our services to close escrow quickly, acquire additional capital to complete a construction project, or access equity in their existing home to purchase a new home, etc.

One of the things that set us apart from other direct mortgage lenders in California is our commitment to providing our clients with quick and streamlined solutions. Our firm ensures that decision makers are never more than a phone call or email away. This means that once you have provided us with the broad-strokes of your transaction, we can easily give you an answer within hours. We will also make sure you are updated on the status of your application every step of the way.

Our goal is to remain among those mortgage companies in California that strive to develop healthy, professional partnerships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to develop strong relationships with proven professionals.

Let us at Bracknell Capital be your source in California for residential mortgage solutions that provide you greater flexibility. Among mortgage companies in CA, we are one of those that go out of our way to work directly with you to ensure you receive the financing that works best for your goals. Whether you simply seek financing to close a deal quickly, or more flexibility, Bracknell Capital will find a solution to your financing needs.

If you are in the business of developing real estate in California, our commercial loans are also available to help you start on and continue funding projects.

If you have decided to begin working with us to acquire or complete a new residential property, fill out our application form, and we'll get you an answer at the soonest time possible.