California Commercial Loan

In the highly competitive business environment of California, commercial real estate loans play a significant role in making sure companies have access to working capital. Some companies, however, don’t have the time or energy to undergo the long and arduous process of applying for a conventional loan with traditional lenders like banks or credit unions in California. A commercial loan from these institutions will often rely heavily on its borrowers' income, credit, and tax returns. On the other hand, we can streamline the process and easily help you access your equity.

Bracknell Capital is a well-established, privately funded firm that has been providing companies and businesses immediate access to short and intermediate financial funding for many years.

Unlike banks, credit unions, and other more traditional commercial lenders in California, Bracknell Capital can commit to close a special situation transaction for you within a short period of time. We can do this because we base our loans on the strength of the subject collateral rather than the financial condition or qualifications of our borrowers.

Also, many of our clients in California use our investment loan services to streamline the acquisition of property and take us out after navigating their way through the entitlement phase and bringing in a construction financier. We have helped property developers, builders, contractors, and business owners who require funding but are not able to obtain financing from a bank or don’t have time or resources to wait for traditional lenders to approve their loans. We specialize in working with clients who need to move quickly to close in on a new opportunity.

Finance Charges apply and include but are not limited to interest charges, points and fees. Additional closing costs may include escrow/title fees, appraisal fees, etc. Real property loans may or may not be for you, and we encourage applicants to consult with their tax professionals before applying for a loan from Bracknell Capital.

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