Bracknell Capital originates residential and commercial loans secured by real property located in California. Because of the nature of our capitalization we are able to close faster than traditional institutional lenders, structure and negotiate deal terms and work directly with borrowers to provide the financing that best works for them.

As a result of our structure the decision makers are never more than a phone call or email away. If you (broker or a borrower) provide fundamental information about your project we can get you an answer, often within a matter of hours. As we then run through the due diligence process we stay in direct contact with you to keep you apprised of findings, etc.

Throughout the business process we will work closely with you and establish a working relationship that we hope will be pleasant, professional and fruitful for years to come. We have not sold any of our trust deeds to date nor have we considered the possibility of doing so. Our goal is to retain our best and most talented clients for continuing, beneficial financial relationships.

In many cases borrowers have turned to Bracknell Capital to facilitate their needs when other, more traditional channels of financing are unavailable. As we all know, banks can take months, require mountains of paperwork and require risk thresholds set by loan committee executives in New York to be met. We are on the ground, real people with absolutely zero corporate guidelines and requirements. We are here to discuss your needs, not ours. If you want your business needs a quick response; call Colin Miller 805-965-8180. We'll get you an answer tomorrow.