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Bracknell Capital – A Direct Lender You Can Depend on in California

For individuals and companies in California, direct lender services by Bracknell Capital are the choice of those who require a quick, professional, and streamlined lending process that's dedicated to going above and beyond expectations.

Unlike banks or credit unions in California, we are private money lenders. And because our company is privately funded and more flexible, we are able to fund loans that do not fit traditional lending guidelines.

A history of excellent service

As a leading California private money lender, we have a long and impressive history of successfully working with clients and businesses, and providing them the best solution for their situation. We offer viable tailored and flexible loan terms.

For our clients in California, lender services by Bracknell Capital may be recommended for the following:

  • Borrowers with impaired credit, as well as past bankruptcies
  • Tax liens, judgments, or unpaid items
  • Borrowers who require quick funds for investment acquisitions
  • Clients with complex loans that require blanket Deeds of Trusts.
  • Borrowers who need to close quickly
  • Investors and/or Developers lacking documented income.
  • Borrowers in need of trading equity for cash

If you fall under any of these categories or would like to know whether you can benefit from our direct lender services, please contact us.

Benefit from a quick, dependable, and streamlined business process

Unlike most traditional institutional lenders in California, our firm can close deals faster, structure and negotiate terms, and work directly with our clients. Our quick and convenient loan process for approvals enables borrowers to benefit from fast and efficient service.

Reliable direct lender services

Bracknell Capital in California is a direct lender with the freedom and ability to lend its own capital to various investors, real estate managers, investment funds, builders, and homeowners. We understand your needs, as well as the real estate market better than anyone else in California, which is why we are preferred by those looking for a viable loan product.

With Bracknell Capital's excellent customer service in California, residential mortgage services and commercial loans by our firm allows borrowers to benefit from a quicker, more flexible lending process, as opposed to traditional lenders.

If you wish to learn more about our direct lending process in California, call us at 1-805-965-8180 or get in touch with any of our mortgage experts today.